Our Mindfulness Vision

“Becoming Mindful” is a podcast to understand and inspire mindfulness practices in our own lives and our audience’s. We will explore the application of mindfulness in the real world based on research and first hand experiences. Listen to our latest episodes here.

Who are we?

Jackie Burhans is a digital marketing expert turned meditation & yoga instructor. She enjoys living life as a constant experiment in finding ways to add peace and beauty to the world. She lives in a tiny house, practices permaculture on her homestead, loves to cook (vegan and gluten free) and enjoys the ride with her husband and pup. Check out her writing, photography and videos on her website: jackiebe.com

Maria Gehrke, Co-Founder of the Becoming Mindful Podcast

Maria Gehrke is a German living in the US, IT professional, watercolor artist and avid crafter. With a rambunctious toddler, an Engineer husband, two dogs and supply intensive hobbies, mindfulness has become her most important goal. Look at Maria’s art here: livelovemaria.com