Episode 1: Let’s Become Mindful

Jackie and Maria


In our very first episode of the Becoming Mindful Podcast you will find out more about our vision and goals for this podcast. We introduce ourselves and our progress on the journey to mindfulness so far. We present different definitions of mindfulness as well as misconceptions around it.

Show Notes & Links

Thich Naht Hanh https://plumvillage.org
Sylvia Boorsteain Mindfulness Teachings http://www.sylviaboorstein.com
Eckhart Tolle https://eckharttolle.com
Dan Siegel and his Mindsight Institute https://www.mindsightinstitute.com
Leo Babauta & ZenHabits https://zenhabits.net
Janet Lansbury & Mindful Parenting https://www.janetlansbury.com
Matthieu Richard & Altruism https://www.matthieuricard.org
Association Montessori International:
– About Maria Montessori https://montessori-ami.org/resource-library/facts/biography-maria-montessori
– About Montessori Approach https://montessori-ami.org/about-montessori


We are working on the transcript and will be uploading it in the next few days.


Amanda says:

Lovely first episode, can’t wait for the next one :]

Maria Gehrke says:

Thank you, Amanda. The next one will be up very soon.

Tushar says:

Great first episode. It’s interesting to see mindfulness from other peoples’ perspective and how they are utilizing it to have a better sense of being in their lives. Can’t wait to listen to the next episode!

Maria Gehrke says:

Thank you. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the episode!

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