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Episode 4 – The Intersection of Art and Mindfulness

Jumping girl - creative mindfulness


Hello lovely listeners, it’s Jackie and Maria again with a new podcast episode.

This month, we take a look at how mindfulness and creativity are connected. We also present some artistic and creative mindfulness practices for you to try. 

This episode is rather short because we intend to pair it with video demos of the mentioned practices. 


Episode 3 – The Integrity Of Mindfulness Teachers


Jackie and Maria again, with a new episode of our Becoming Mindful Podcast. In this episode, we discuss how the personal actions and background of a teacher or sage can affect  their teachings, and can one learn from someone who is not perfect?

Have you ever questioned and researched your teachers? Have you tried to diversify your learning?


Episode 2: The History of Mindfulness

E02 - The History of Mindfulness - Becoming Mindful Podcast

Hello! It’s Jackie and Maria again. In our second episode of Becoming Mindful, we look into the history of mindfulness: where it came from, what paths did it take and what are examples of mindfulness practices around the world.

Which mindfulness practices have you heard of before? Which ones would you like to start doing? Please, let us know in the comments.


Episode 1: Let’s Become Mindful

Jackie and Maria


In our very first episode of the Becoming Mindful Podcast you will find out more about our vision and goals for this podcast. We introduce ourselves and our progress on the journey to mindfulness so far. We present different definitions of mindfulness as well as misconceptions around it.


Official Becoming Mindful Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the official trailer of our Becoming Mindful Podcast. We are Maria and Jackie and we are Becoming Mindful.