Author: Jackie Burhans

Jackie Burhans is a digital marketing expert turned meditation & yoga instructor. She enjoys living life as a constant experiment in finding ways to add peace and beauty to the world. She lives in a tiny house, practices permaculture on her homestead, loves to cook (vegan and gluten free) and enjoys the ride with her husband and pup. Check out her writing, photography and videos on her website:

Episode 12: Mindful Parenting | A Path to Mindfulness

Mindful Parenting

Hi Friends. Maria and Jackie here with another episode of Becoming Mindful. In this episode we continue our series exploring the different paths people take into mindfulness. This episode, we explore how the journey of parenting leads people to seek our mindfulness practices. 


Episode 10: How Mindfulness really feels & how to do Shadow Work

Hello again, friends. Jackie and Maria here with another episode. This month we get real and talk about what it feels like as you develop your mindfulness practice, what shadow work is like and why we might practice with community. 

Join us for this beautiful discussion and let us know how mindfulness feels to you and has changed you.


Episode 9: Is Mindfulness Right For Me? & A Practice

Hi Friends. Jackie and Maria here to talk about who are mindfulness practices right for and who might want to exhibit caution when beginning a journey toward mindfulness.

We end the episode by practicing together with a Loving Kindness meditation inspired by Sharon Salzberg. 

Be well friends!