Author: Jackie Burhans

Jackie Burhans is a digital marketing expert turned meditation & yoga instructor. She enjoys living life as a constant experiment in finding ways to add peace and beauty to the world. She lives in a tiny house, practices permaculture on her homestead, loves to cook (vegan and gluten free) and enjoys the ride with her husband and pup. Check out her writing, photography and videos on her website:

Episode 25 – Solarpunk: A Mindful Movement | Mindful Ways of Living Series

Hello Friends,

This month we bring you an exciting new series where we explore mindful ways of living. In this first episode we explore the Solarpunk genre – an uplifting vision for what a utopian society built mindfully could look like; one where we live in collaboration with nature and innovate sustainably.

We hope you are as inspired by the Solarpunk movement as we are! Here are some resources to get you started and let us know what more you can find!

Until next time, Be well friends!


Episode 16: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach – Book Review

Podcast Book Review Radical Acceptance

Hello Friends, Maria, and Jackie here with another episode of Becoming Mindful. As we look toward a new year, we paused to read and review a beautiful book by Tara Brach called Radical Acceptance. The book takes you through the journey from self-discovery to acceptance and ultimately to living from compassion to settling into a loving kindness routine.


Episode 12: Mindful Parenting | A Path to Mindfulness

Mindful Parenting

Hi Friends. Maria and Jackie here with another episode of Becoming Mindful. In this episode we continue our series exploring the different paths people take into mindfulness. This episode, we explore how the journey of parenting leads people to seek our mindfulness practices.