Author: Maria Gehrke

Maria Gehrke is a German living in the US, IT professional, watercolor artist and avid crafter. As a woman with a rambunctious toddler, an Engineer husband, two dogs and supply intensive hobbies, mindfulness has become her most important goal. Look at Maria's art on her website:

Episode 13: Luminous Darkness – Interview With Author And Dharma Teacher Deborah Eden Tull

Hi friends. Maria and Jackie are back from break with an exciting episode. This episode, enjoy this enriching conversation with author Deborah Eden Tull about her newly released book: Luminous Darkness.

In her book, Eden inspires us to embrace the dark alongside the light as we walk our spiritual path. Join us as she shares her wisdom. 


Episode 11: Mindfulness For Stress | A Path to Mindfulness

Hi Friends. Maria and Jackie here with another episode of our Becoming Mindful Podcast. This episode is the first in a series of episodes in which we explore the different paths people take into mindfulness.

First, we dive into how people find mindful practices while trying to manage stress. 


Episode 8: Everyday Mindfulness: Obstacles, Strategies & A Practice


Hi Friends! Jackie and Maria here with another episode of the Becoming Mindful podcast! This time we discuss some of the obstacles that get in the way of daily mindfulness and some strategies to overcome them.

At the end we support each other by practicing together. We will lead you in a short guided practice of breathwork and a body scan that will leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

Be well friends!